Lady Gaga Shows Off Ultimate Clean Girl Makeup Look While Listening to Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga, the iconic pop superstar, recently took to TikTok to showcase her sleek “clean girl” makeup look. In the video, she lip-syncs along to Ariana Grande’s chart-topping hit, “Yes, And?”. The post features Gaga confidently posing with her fresh and simple makeup, emphasizing mascara, brows, and full lips using the shade “Honey Glaze.” Her hair pulled back into a ponytail evokes memories of her collaboration with Ariana Grande on the hit song “Rain on Me.”

But that’s not all! Gaga’s makeup moment coincides with the release of her cosmetics brand, Haus Labs’ new lip-plumping gloss, the Ph.D. Hybrid Lip Glaze. What better way to flaunt the product than on Mother Monster herself?

Besides her beauty ventures, Gaga has been keeping fans buzzing with hints of new music. Last month, she shared a photo set from a dimly lit music studio, confirming that she’s working on fresh tunes. In June, she teased her involvement in editing a film based on her 2022 headlining concert tour, “The Chromatic Ball.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Lady Gaga as she continues to slay the music and beauty worlds!