Rick Ross Drops Video for Drake Diss “Champagne Moments”: A Strategic Move

Rick Ross, the Miami rap star, recently released a visual for his diss track titled “Champagne Moments.” The target? None other than Drake. But this video isn’t just about the beef; it’s a clever promotional move that showcases Ross’s brand and upcoming events.

The Visuals

In the video, Ross keeps it simple. He sits on a stool in what appears to be an airplane hangar, surrounded by bottles of alcohol he endorses. The backdrop features an old-school Chevy Bel Air, a nod to a previous Instagram Story where Ross playfully asked Drake if he owned such a classic car. The video splices clips of Ross smoking, rapping bars that repeatedly call Drake a “white boy,” and showcasing the Luc Belaire Sparkling Wine and Rick Ross Bumbu Rum he endorses.

The Subtle Promotion

But here’s the genius part: Ross uses this diss video to promote his own ventures. A strategically placed poster announces the 3rd Annual Rick Ross Car Show scheduled for June 1 in Fayetteville, GA. Ross knows how to leverage attention and drive interest, even in the midst of a feud.

The Drake Factor

Drake, never one to back down, responded to Ross’s diss with his own track titled “Push Ups.” While most of the song targeted Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, Drake didn’t spare Ross. He rapped, “Can’t believe he’s jumpin’ in, every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy.” The feud has certainly shaken up hip-hop’s upper echelon.


Rick Ross’s “Champagne Moments” video is more than just a diss; it’s a strategic move. Whether you’re Team Ross or Team Drake, there’s no denying that both artists know how to keep the spotlight on them. As the battle continues, we’ll be watching for more shots fired and unexpected promotions.