Olivia Rodrigo Pays Playful Homage to Nicole Kidman’s AMC Theaters Speech

Olivia Rodrigo, the 21-year-old pop sensation, recently channeled her inner Nicole Kidman in a delightful TikTok video. The inspiration? Kidman’s iconic AMC Theaters speech that plays before movie showings across the United States.

In the whimsical clip, Rodrigo roams the Centre Bell Arena in Quebec, where she’s performing as part of her Guts World Tour. As she tests out different seats and munches on an enormous bag of popcorn, she mouths along to Kidman’s dramatic monologue:

“We come to this place … for magic. We come to AMC Theaters to laugh, to cry, to care. That indescribable feeling we get when the lights begin to dim. We go somewhere we’ve never been before — not just entertained, but somehow reborn. Together.”

Sporting a tank top with Kidman’s opening line printed across the chest, Rodrigo captures the essence of movie theater enchantment. Her touring crew diligently sets up her stage in the background, adding to the behind-the-scenes charm.

Rodrigo joins a long list of admirers paying tribute to Kidman’s AMC campaign, which became a cultural phenomenon since its launch in 2021. Even Keith Urban, Kidman’s husband, acknowledged the unexpected impact. He revealed that Kidman’s participation was driven by their shared love for movies and the desire to support theaters during challenging times.

In addition to her playful homage, Rodrigo recently dropped the deluxe edition of her sophomore album, Guts (Spilled). The revamped project includes five previously unreleased tracks, including “Obsessed,” “Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger,” and “So American.” Fans eagerly embraced the new material, reaffirming Rodrigo’s status as a rising star in the music industry.

Watch Rodrigo’s TikTok tribute to Nicole Kidman’s AMC Theaters speech and groove to her heartfelt tunes. 🎶🍿