Kelly Clarkson Rocks Out with *NSYNC’s “Better Place”

Kelly Clarkson, the talented talk show host and singer, recently delighted fans with her rendition of *NSYNC’s hit song “Better Place.” The track, which marked *NSYNC’s first musical release since 2002, brought the iconic boy band back together for the Trolls Band Together project.

A Stripped, Jazzy Approach

Dressed in a light-blue maxi dress, Clarkson took a stripped, jazzy approach to the upbeat pop song. Her signature high notes and soulful delivery added a fresh twist to the familiar tune. Fans couldn’t help but sing along as she belted out the catchy chorus: “Just let me take you to a better place.”

The Reunion That Sparked Excitement

*NSYNC’s reunion last fall at the MTV Video Music Awards reignited excitement among fans. The group presented Taylor Swift with the Moonperson for Best Pop, and their chemistry was as strong as ever. Justin Timberlake hinted that more *NSYNC music might be on the horizon, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.

A Throwback to Junior High Days

Clarkson has been covering *NSYNC songs for years, including their iconic hit “Bye Bye Bye.” During a New York concert in 2015, she playfully remarked, “Tonight is fun because this is like a throwback to our junior high days.” Her love for the band shines through in her energetic performances.

Stay tuned for more music magic from both Kelly Clarkson and *NSYNC!