Charli XCX’s Candid Reflections on Motherhood and Her Relationship with SOPHIE

Charli XCX, the boundary-pushing pop star, has always been unafraid to explore emotional depths in her music. Her latest album, “Brat,” delves into personal topics, including the complexities of motherhood and her feelings toward the late producer SOPHIE. Let’s dive into Charli’s candid reflections.

The Mystery of Motherhood

Charli XCX, now in her thirties and happily partnered with The 1975’s George Daniel, contemplates the idea of having a child. A visit to her friend Noonie Bao, who recently became a mother, sparked Charli’s curiosity. Bao’s newfound perspective on life intrigued her, leading to questions: Would she conform to societal expectations or choose freedom? Charli grapples with the pressure placed on women to navigate this decision silently, especially in the world of pop music.

“I Think About It All the Time”

In her album, Charli dedicates the penultimate track, “I think about it all the time,” to her feelings about motherhood. The sparse soliloquy captures the ambivalence many women face as they weigh the impact of having children. Charli’s circumstance involves planning, touring considerations, and a shared decision with George. Despite her success, she admits feeling like a kid when making such a life-altering choice.

SOPHIE’s Influence

The album also pays tribute to SOPHIE, the groundbreaking producer who tragically passed away in 2021. Charli’s collaboration with SOPHIE shaped her career, and the loss left her with complex emotions—respect, distance, regret, and sorrow. The vulnerable track “So I” reflects this profound connection.


Charli XCX’s “Brat” is more than just music; it’s an intimate exploration of life’s pivotal moments. Whether contemplating motherhood or honoring a departed friend, Charli’s honesty resonates with listeners worldwide.